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Thursday, 30 May 2019

Zero Tolerance Behavior Policies in British Schools And Its Impact on Students

According to the federal legislation of 1994, the school authorities are allowed to expel a student (at least for one year) who bring a firearm to the school. If a school doesn’t expel such a student, it will not be able to receive funding from the federal government. For this reason, most of the students adopted zero-tolerance policies to create a safe environment for learning. There are also some students who adopted the same policies for alcohol and bullying. Here, experts of academic writing services will discuss the impacts of zero tolerance behavior policies on British schools.

Positive impacts of zero tolerance policies in British schools

There are lots of positive impacts of zero tolerance policies in British schools. With the help of zero tolerance policies, the school authorities provide clear directions to the parents that firearm, drug, and bullying are not allowed in the school. Some other positive impacts of the zero-tolerance policies in British schools are explained below;

  1. With the help of the zero-tolerance policies, British schools are able to create a safe and conducive environment of learning. This safe and learning environment encourages the students to pay attention to their studies without paying attention to the offenses.
  2. The zero-tolerance policy also defines clear disciplinary expectations. Its reason is that the school authorities allow the administrators to immediately detect the offenders and expel from the school. With the help of the zero-tolerance policies, the teachers can also get their expectations and consequences from the students.
  3. The zero-tolerance behavior also provides accountability for the actions. This policy creates a sense among the students that there is no place of illegal or inappropriate behavior in the school. If a student is caught, he will have to yield harsh consequences due to zero tolerance.
  4. It is also helpful for a school to create a better climate in the school. With the help of this better climate, they can also create a difference in the learning environment. Due to the absence of zero tolerance in a school, a chaotic environment will be created in a school. This chaotic environment gives rise to interruptions and as a result, the school authorities are not able to create a disciplined learning environment.
  5. If a school doesn’t have a zero-tolerance policy against the guns, drugs, and bullying, the parents always feel fear about the safety of their children. On the other hand, if there is a zero-tolerance behavior policy in a school, the parents don’t have any fear about the safety of their children.
  6. The zero-tolerance behavior policy sends the right message to the students. With the help of this right message, the students can easily get an idea which behaviors are acceptable in a school and which behaviors are not acceptable in a school. 

The zero-tolerance behavior policies can create and generate urban environments within the school. These urban environments save a school from drug dealing and other offenses. These zero tolerance policies in the schools also send a message to the authorities on how to bring peace in the high crime areas.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Choosing the Best Essay Writing Services in UK

Essay Writing Services
Students must understand the significance of hiring the best essay writing service if they want to secure highest grades in their class and enjoy good results in the long run. It is because no matter in which part of the world they live and study, they have to prove their capability and their skills to their teachers and they are assessed on their performance by the way they work on their assignments. Essay writing is one of the most common ways of testing students for their hard work and dedication towards their academics and teachers assign essay writing tasks to students that require them to research, write, edit and format in a given time.

With this, the teachers get to evaluate how well the students can perform under pressure, how well they are able to work within a limited time and how much they are able to focus. The better essays the students present, the better chances they have of succeeding in their class. However, there are certain students who are not so good at writing, editing and researching and this creates a problem or them when they are assigned essay writing projects. These students wants to succeed and the only way for them to do well in their assessment is to hire a good essay writing service that makes things easy for them by offering them top quality and custom essays.

Students can check out the internet, talk to their friends and family members who have availed the services of any such enterprise and also look around them if they can find someone to help them out in time of need. All they need to remember when looking for the best essay writing service is the purpose for which they are looking for one and certain standards to meet their requirements. Students need to make sure that they only hire a professional and reliable essay writing service that knows the significance of essay writing assignments and does a great job on their paper.

It must provide them a top quality and custom paper to them that is only written after they have placed the order as teachers do not tolerate plagiarized or prewritten papers. Along with this, students must check out the reputation and the rating of the essay writing service so that they can rest assured they have hired the right people to work for them. There is no use working with a spam or unreliable service provider that takes on the project but fails to deliver them due to non-professional practices and inability to service clients.

Students must also check out if the essay writing service they are hiring has the right people working for it who have plenty of experience and skills to write the best essays for them. It is by talking to the service provider and asking about the samples written by their writers that students will get a fair idea about the writer who will be working on their papers. Through talking, they can decide which writer suits them best.

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