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Principles of Speech Writing to Make It More Effective

Principles of Speech Writing
Every now and then, we watch a lot of politicians, as well as celebrities on different programs. They deliver their speech with such confidence that people get surprised. Public speaking is an art, and there are a few who have exceptional skills. They do not have to work hard on their speaking skills. But there are several principles of speech writing as well. You should consider using them for your speech. Apart from this, these principles will help you in making it more effective.

As a person, you should also know several things for making your speech more effective. You should not try to be a great public speaker. But you should try your best at least. You should make sure that you’re writing your speech in a way you can visualise it. This article by TheAcademicPapers.co.uk aims to discuss the principles of speech writing for effective speech. So let’s discuss these principles in detail;

Topic Selection:

The first principle of speech writing is selecting the topic. There are different types of speech, and the topic varies for each type. You should make sure to select a topic related to your speech type. Choosing a good topic is a crucial aspect. This is because it will impart an important message to your listeners. Sometimes, you might have to deliver a speech on a given topic. In such a situation, you should make sure to write the speech in a way that impresses your listeners. Make sure your speech and ideas align with the theme of the conference, or presentation. As a speaker, you should make sure to select an interesting topic.

Hook Statement:

Another principle for speech writing is writing a hook statement. Another name for this term is that of a grabber. It will help you in starting your speech through a better aspect. You can consider using an interesting fact, joke, and quotation here. By doing so, you will be able to capture the attention of your listeners. You might lose the charm of your speech if you fail to grab the attention of listeners so this aspect is important. You can even consider storytelling for this purpose. This way, your audience will remain engaged with you from start till the end.

Consider Your Audience:

Considering your audience is another key principle in speech writing. You must consider this principle even before writing your speech. This is because cannot make your speech fit for all types of audiences. If your audience includes students, you should consider writing a speech for students. Considering this aspect will help you deliver your speech in the best way possible. Apart from this, you will be able to deliver the purpose of your speech in a unique way as well. But this is only possible when you consider your audience.

In this context, several ways can help you. For this, you should know about the people within your audience’s ages, occupations, and ethnic backgrounds.

Source of Information:

Another principle for speech writing is ensuring the source of information. You always access a lot of sources for your academic tasks. These sources help you in allocating relevant information. This way, you manage to complete your tasks in the best way possible. You should practice this habit in speech writing as well. You should also make sure to access a wide range of sources for your speech. Apart from this, you should make sure that these sources are credible. For this aspect you can consider published articles, journals, and the internet. This way, you will write an effective speech that will help you in achieving your goal.

Outlining and Organising:

Another most important principle for speech writing is that of organising, and outlining your speech. You should make sure to organise your research for speech writing. Later on, you should develop an outline based on your research as well. You can organise your speech in several different ways. But it is better to organise the facts and figures first. After this step, you can order your speech ideas from the most, to the least important ones. When you’ve done this, you should write an outline. You can even write it in different ways. For this aspect you can consider chronological, as well as cause and effect outlines. All these aspects will help you write a speech in an effective way.

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Conclusion of Your Speech:

The conclusion of your speech is another principle for speech writing. In this aspect, you will summarise the main points of your speech. But you should make sure not to repeat any of your ideas. You can even conclude your speech with an anecdote.


This article discussed several principles for speech writing. Considering all these principles will help you in both writing, and delivering an effective speech. You should choose an interesting topic, and grab the attention of your listeners since this is important. You should also consider the usage of credible sources. Apart from this, you should organise, and outline your speech for streamlining every aspect of it.
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