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Difference between Literature Review and Secondary Research

Literature Review
Whether you are working on our dissertation or thesis, you will have to conduct different forms of study and try to collect information from various resources to use it the best way in the paper. All types of university assignments are research-based and you must understand the significance of research and how it can help them write a top-quality and custom paper without any problem.

As told by a dissertation proposal writing service, you also need to understand the main difference between primary and second research as well as literature review so that you can deal with these parts of the paper most effectively. While they might seem to be the same as they talk about research and review, yet there is a marked difference that sets them apart and they are written in the way that has been specified to help readers understand what the purpose is behind writing these papers.

While a literature review is a detailed summary of the previous study that was conducted on a given topic, secondary research is the use of already existing data as a method of inquiry. In both these cases, the focus is research but the mode of research makes the basic difference. Discussed here are the main differences between literature review and secondary research that clearly defines what they are all about and how they help to write a dissertation in their unique ways:

The first and the main difference between the two is of the nature of research; while literature review is all about previous studies conducted on the given topic, the secondary research makes use of data that is already present. Literature review uses both the primary as well as the secondary sources in summary but the secondary research; the only review of secondary literature is conducted. There are many types of literary research based on the given topics but they all involve a summary of past works of literature by other authors. On the other hand, secondary research revolves around secondary sources of information such as interviews.

The main task of the literature review is to compute, describe, summarize and objectively carry out an evaluation and clarification of the previous investigation; the secondary research works on the current data and ensures that it is made more meaningful to that it is easy to understand and use.

It would not be wrong to say that literature reviews provide useful guidance regarding a topic or subject and help researchers understand how the different authors have expressed their ideas and thoughts on the given topic. Even when you do not have time to conduct research this literature review helps immensely in knowing what the topic is all about. On the other hand, secondary research can be used as a tool that saves your time as this data has been collected by others before you who were researching the same topic and subject and gives you already existing information.

A literature review is usually a scholarly paper that contains current knowledge that consists of substantive findings as well as theory theoretical and methodological contributions based on a particular topic. This can be viewed as a secondary source of information that does not contain any original or experimental work. The secondary research differs from it in the way that it is only based on work that was already written and published and provides a lot of information and knowledge that has been put together by people at various times. You just need to find the data that meets your requirements without making all the efforts of trying to research from scratch.

The literature review may require you to find out the topic and search through the relevant primary and secondary sources without using research questions as the database of information might not be huge. However, in case of secondary research, you will find lots and lots of data as the process of research does not stop at any time and you just need to know what you are searching for and you will find the most accurate research to support your dissertation or thesis.

Working on a dissertation or thesis involves a lot of steps and using literature review and secondary research is a part of the process. It is important that you understand the main difference between the two, what it takes to conduct research the right way, and how each of these methods makes the process easy for you. Learn the difference between literature review and secondary research to make the most of the assistance they offer to write a top-quality and custom dissertation.
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