Progressive and Anti-Progressives

Such beliefs that are advocating the social reforms are known as progressivism. The opposition of the political progressivism is known as anti-progressivism. This informative academic article discusses the concept of Progressive and Anti-Progressives, the core beliefs of progressive, some examples of progressive reforms, Anti-Progressive Movement in Brazil and Latin America.

What is progressive?

The advocacy of social reforms is known as progressive. Progressive is purely based on the idea of progress. The advancements in the field of science and technology also come into progressive. There are different perspectives of the progressivism and the real meanings of the progressivism also vary overage. The ideas of the progressivism spread from Europe to all around the world. It is the best way to decrease economic inequality between rich and poor people. In order to address these problems, some claims are needed. The policies of progressive are helpful for us to bring some positive changes in society.

Core beliefs of the progressive

The main purpose of the progressive is to promote economic and environmental justice through democratic political activities. Some essential and core beliefs of the progressive are given below;

  1. All the members of the society have equal rights to participate in different affairs of society.
  2. Democracy is helpful to ensure equality not only in the political field but also in the social field.
  3. The whole wealth of the society should not be controlled by a few people in the society.
  4. We should create such an economic system in the society that is sustainable and it should play a vital role in the global environment.
  5. We should collect a definite amount of tax from the members of the society on the basis of their wealth.
  6. We should bring such reforms in society that can become a cause of decreasing racism in society.
  7. Human labor should be considered as a key to the creation of the wealth of a society.
  8. There should be equal justice system for all the people without any kind of discrimination.

Important examples of progressive reforms: Progressivism Examples

Some essential examples of progressive reforms are explained below;

  1. Settlement house movement
  2. Reforms regarding the housing and sanitation system
  3. The campaign in the field of beautification
  4. Factory safety regulations or limits of the working hours
  5. Acts regarding the pure food and drugs
  6. A regulation against the anti-trust

What is anti-progressive?

The opposition of the political progressivism is known as anti-progressivism. Anti-progressive thoughts give preference to all the changes that are occurring in political matters. By employing or advocating liberal ideas, we are going towards progressive events. The main aim of anti-progressive thoughts is to ensure continuous progress in society. 

A person who gives preference to these thoughts is known as a member of the progressive party. 

Anti-Progressive Movement in Brazil

Lots of people think that anti-progressive is restricted in Brazil only. It is a wrong belief because this thought is flourishing throughout the region with the help of some democratic advances in the last decade.

First of all, the elections were held in Brazil on the concepts of the anti-progressivism. This election was won by the homophobic politician in Brazil. It is also expected that the person who has the most aggressive values is expected to be the next president of Brazil. Here, the votes were cast on the basis of the polls. With the help of these polls, he was able to get lots of votes. That’s why he was easily able to snatch the victory in the first round and later on, he got the same success in almost all the areas of the country. In the northeast, he was not able to get enough success because he was not supported by the other coloured people.

Latin America

We are expecting a new scenario in Brazil and Latin America. Its reason is that they are going to end the progressive thoughts because they are introducing some new forces in the democratic system. In other words, they are trying to introduce new boundaries in their political system and they are trying to shift their democratic system towards dictatorship. As a result, political violence will be high in Brazil. Moreover, the tone of the president is also an offence just like Trump. In other words, he is also known as another Trump. Lots of people are still against this concept.


Such beliefs that are advocating the social reforms are known as progressivism. The idea of progressivism is purely based on progress. There are some core beliefs of progressive like all the members of society are equal, we should bring equal reforms in the society and all the labours are the key for the wealth of the society. The opposition of the political progressivism is known as anti-progressivism. With the help of this concept, we are trying to replace democratic thoughts with the concepts of dictatorship. Usually, these kinds of political beliefs are observed in Brazil.

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