Hard Math Concepts that Are Not Too Hard

Mathematics is considered to be a tough and boring subject. Most of us don't like it but, it is very interesting to play with numbers and solve difficult questions and equations. It gives us satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Let's introduce you to the toughest maths concepts.

Hard Math Concepts 

Mathematics is considered as one of the toughest subjects because it can twist the minds of the students. Sometimes, it can also last stress on the minds of the students. Due to these problems, the parents of their children try to get the services of the best tutor to provide assistance to their children in order to understand these difficult concepts of mathematics.

They also try to get help from coursework writing services to solve their difficult math assignments. With the help of this kind of extra care and assistance, the students are able to understand these hard math concepts.A list of hard math concepts for the students is given below;

1) Algebra

In mathematics, we have to deal with different kinds of structures. The branch of mathematics that provides proper planning and operating system for these kinds of structures is known as algebra. Most of the students find it difficult to understand group theory in algebra.

2) Calculus

Calculus is one of the core subjects of mathematics. In the calculus, the students have to deal with derivatives, integrals, and limits. In order to solve the questions of derivatives and integrals, the students have to learn some rules and formulae. Most of the students are not able to learn these rules and formulae and they face lots of difficulties to solve questions relevant to derivatives and integrals. To understand the concepts of upper and lower limits in calculus is also a real problem for the students.

3) Geometry and topology

In mathematics, we have to solve some problems relevant to spatial figures like cube and circle etc. These shapes come into geometry. To understand and solve these problems relevant to geometry is also a problem for the students. After stretching and bending these figures, we can see that the properties of these figures will be changed. The study of these properties of different figures and shapes is known as topology. No doubt, the concepts of topology are also difficult to understand for the students.

4) Combinatory

In our practical life, we have to come across with lots of discrete objects. In order to deal with these discrete objects, we have to follow some satisfying criteria. To accomplish these criteria and to analyze these objects by following these criteria is also a real challenge for the students.

5) Logic

In mathematics, we can’t understand any problem without proof or logical reasoning. In other words, the problems of mathematics are not solved merely on the hypothesis. While solving any problem, you will have to provide proper reasons and proofs. While solving some mathematical problems, lots of students are not able to comprise proof or evidence in the support of their answers.

6) Number theory

As we know that there are various types of numbers like whole numbers, natural numbers, prime numbers, composite numbers, even numbers, and odd numbers, etc. All the simple and complex concepts of these numbers come into number theory. That’s why number theory is considered as the central subject of mathematics. While studying number theory, the students have to solve lots of equations. To understand the basic concepts of these numbers may be easy for the students but to solve the equations relevant to the number theory is a real problem for the students.

7) Differential equations

An equation which has an unknown function and you will have to find its derivative; this kind of equation is known as a differential equation. These differential equations are very helpful for us because after solving these differential equations, we are able to understand the different natural phenomenon. Some essential concepts that are easily understandable with the help of differential equations are a motion of a pendulum and the rate of flow of water. As these differential equations are a combination of some mathematical functions and their derivatives, therefore, it is hard for the students to solve these kinds of differential equations.

8) Mathematical methods of Physics

There is a key relationship between mathematics and physics. Its reason is that there are lots of physical concepts that are expressed in the form of mathematical formulas and concepts. For example, direct and inverse proportions are two basic concepts in mathematics. With the help of these two basic concepts, it is easy for us to understand the direct and inverse relationship between two or more than two variables. In a similar way, we can also express some essential laws of physics like Coulomb’s law and Gravitational law with the help of mathematical formulae. Most of the students are not able to understand these mathematical methods of physics because they don’t have enough interest in Physics.

9) Computation

As we know that this is an era of computer and we can see some applications of computer in almost all the subjects. In a similar way, there are also some applications of computer in mathematics. In order to understand the computational concepts in the field of mathematics, we should have basic knowledge of computer. For example, by studying and understanding C++, it is easy for us to operate different mathematical formulae on the computer. After operating these formulae, we can also get possible answers to these problems. The students also find it difficult to understand computation due to the lack of interest in computer studies.

10) Information handling

In mathematics, we have to study a portion of statistics. This portion is usually relevant to information handling. In the information handling, we have to deal with a huge amount of data and in order to organize and analyze this data; we have to remember lots of formulae and concepts. Most of the students also find it difficult to understand information handling.


Mathematics is known as a difficult subject to understand for the students due to its complex theories and difficult formulae. Some difficult formulae and concepts in mathematics are algebraic equations, derivatives, integrations, the limit of the functions, geometrical concepts, mathematical logic, number theory, differential equations, and computational mathematics. These mathematical concepts are difficult to understand but we can’t say that these mathematical concepts are unable to understand. The students can easily understand these mathematical concepts with a little effort.

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