A Christmas Carol-Book Review

A particular form of the literary criticism in which a book is analyzed on the basis of its content, style as well as merit is known as the book review. There are many ways to write a book review. You can write it either in the form of a summary review or a scholarly review. There is not a proper length of a book review. It can vary from a single paragraph to multi paragraphs. To write down the best quality book review, you will have to read out the book and try to understand the main theme of the book. If you are not able to write a book review, then you can get help from the academic writing services. A book review of the Christmas Carol-book that is written by the Charles Dickens is given below;
The Christmas Carol-book is written about a grumpy old man whose name is Scrooge. The beliefs of the Scrooge are that all the people who are homeless should be gone to prison or any other form of the workhouse. Scrooge is not benevolent to anyone including himself. If we talk about the Christmas, then we come to know that he also hates the Christmas. This book was written by the Charles Dickens a long time ago and the writing style of this important book is funny. Therefore, one feels happy and intriguing while reading this important book. The main theme and the moral of this book is that we should show generosity during the happy moments of Christmas and try to enjoy those things that one have.

If we talk about the initial thoughts of Charles Dickens during the process of writing down the Christmas Carol, then we come to know that this book shows us the social things that are related to the holy event of Christmas. First of all, this book was published in the form of a novella in 1843. This book is not a lengthy book. This is one of the short books of the Charles Dickens and one can easily read it only in two hours. The main character of the book is Scrooge who is a tightfisted man. He always tries to find some kind of faults in others tasks. He has no trust in anyone. If we talk about his employees, then we come to know that he tries to open the doors of the employees on the regular basis in order to see that whether they are using the logs to warm up their rooms or not.

Another character of this book is Fred who is the nephew of Scrooge. Once, Fred visits Scrooge in order to wish him on the holy occasion of the Christmas. Moreover, Fred also invites him on the Christmas dinner but Scrooge doesn’t accept his invitation because he is a grouch and the grouches don’t have any kind of concern with the holy event of the Christmas. Once, he has not given payment to the Bob because he has not worked on the day of Christmas. Once, two people were collecting donations and funds from the people in order to feed the poor people on the day of Christmas. When they come to the Scrooge for the donation, then he denies providing the donations by using the harsh words. Due to these cruel acts, he sees some ghosts at his house.
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