Why Don’t Doctoral Candidates Manage To Get Rolling On The Dissertation Any Sooner, or KEEP Rolling Once They Get Started?

Once, a student has passed out all the exams and he/she has also completed all the coursework during the PhD program, the next step is to write a dissertation. This dissertation is considered as the last hurdle to cross for the students in order to get a PhD degree. This dissertation is an important way for the students in order to get an idea that whether a particular candidate has the ability to conduct an independent research or not. Almost all types of the dissertations consist of the five main parts that are the introductory chapter, literature review, research methods, important findings and results, and recommendations of the study. Most of the students are not able to create a masterpiece of the dissertation and they try to get help from the dissertation writing services.
One of the major causes of missing the dissertation deadline is that the students don’t get to roll the dissertation writing task as soon as possible. Its main reason is that the students have written a lot of essays, assignments, and coursework before reaching the PhD level and these academic papers are a short piece of writings as compared to a Doctoral dissertation. Moreover, the students can easily write these short pieces of writing with a little effort just by spending a few hours or days. Therefore, they think that they can also write a dissertation with a little effort only within a few hours. As a result, they start the dissertation writing task just a few days ago before the deadline. When they are going to write a dissertation, then they come to know that to write a dissertation is a hard task for them and it requires a lot of hours to conduct an effective research, to analyze the data, and to create the unique and original content for it. That’s why they are not able to manage the time for the dissertation writing task.

There are some students who start the dissertation writing task by making an effective plan, outline, and a timetable but they don’t follow this timetable strictly. Its reason is that they face a lot of hazards to write a dissertation. The most common hazards that can become the cause of distracting the attention of the students from the dissertation writing task are given below;

1) The students are not able to commence the dissertation writing task

2) The students also face a lot of hazards to formulate the best thesis statement

3) To find out the best resources in order to create a masterpiece of the dissertation is also a real challenge for the students

4) The students are not able to get an idea about the professional structure and format of the dissertation

When the students face such kinds of the hazards, then how is it possible for them to proceed the dissertation writing task. These hazards will become the major cause of the students to distract their attention from the dissertation writing task and they are not able to keep the dissertation writing task rolling.
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