How To Write A Research Proposal For Masters’ Degree

A research proposal is a concise summary of the proposed research. It includes all the central issues that you are going to address in your research. The basic aim of a research proposal is to convince the supervisor that you have a worthwhile research idea or project and work plan to complete the research project. A research proposal should contain the following things;
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a) A research proposal should contain the research questions and the possible ways to get the answers to these questions

b) There should be the originality and the significance of the proposed research

c) An overview of the existing literature

d) You should also try to persuade the supervisor that it is an important work and you are the right person that has the ability to perform it

In order to write a research proposal for the master’s degree, first of all, you should write the abstract of the research proposal. An abstract is the main summary of your research proposal. You should write all the main points of your research proposal in the form of a conclusion in the abstract of the research proposal.

After the abstract, the next step is to write the introduction of the research proposal. The basic aim of the introduction is to hook the readers and set the context of the research. While writing the introduction, you should try to get the attention of the readers early on without wasting any time on the general statements. In the introduction, you have a chance to convince the supervisor that this research has not done before and your research will add something new in the existing literature.

After the introduction, there comes the body of the research proposal. You should try to provide the answers to these questions in the body of the research proposal;

a) What are the benefits of my research?

b) Is my research innovative to a new trend or not?

c) What are the possible outcomes of the research?

d) What are the possible evidences to prove the thesis statement of the research?

These are the main points that should be explained in the body of the research proposal.

After the body of the research proposal, there comes the research methodology. As we know that there are two types of research methodologies. It is also necessary for you to explain the possible research methodology that you will adopt in order to achieve the research aims.

At last, there comes the summary or conclusion of the research proposal. The conclusion of the research proposal should contain all the main points and it should be well-written. Try to make it concise, clear and informative.

You can also write about the resources you are going to use for your research. These may include a list of books, journals, research papers and/or dissertations.

It is necessary to write an impressive and authentic proposal that may be approved by the supervisor because without approval from them, you cannot start writing your dissertation. To write a dissertation proposal, you must need thorough research, expert writing skills and a broad knowledge on different research methodologies. If you feel it difficult to complete your research proposal at your own, you can get help from the seniors or class fellows as well as teachers. Similarly, you can hire the research proposal writing services to get a top quality, well written and well organized dissertation proposal.
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